Things to do in Spring 2017

Spring is coming soon and it is time to get decided on what is your " To do" list for these wonderful 3 months.  TapeMe is preparing a list of activities you might be interested in, if you are a traveller, adventurer and a creative person.  The world blessed us with so many beautiful places [...]

Top Spring Destinations

Spring is here at its best and it is time to plan a weekend somewhere nice.  What can be better than spending a long weekend somewhere by the beach, when the sun is not that strong yet, the weather is mild and the wind is warm? Right, here we are to give you TOP 5 [...]

Ice Ice baby

It is getting hot in TapeMe HQ! Spring is finally here and it is brightening our days with the strong sun. When you get out on the street the only thought is circulating in your mind: " I would eat an ice cream." For those who does not know, ice cream has many types: frozen [...]