Greek Islands

There are so many wonderful holiday destinations in Europe and so many places we have to discover. This year’s favourite became Greece, but not the typical Santorini everyone goes to. We have tried something new and are willing to share with you an adventure on the Greek Islands located in the Ionian Sea.  Kefalonia is … More Greek Islands

Your May Playlist

Here at TapeMe we love music and hope you do too! Summer days are coming and it is time for the road trips, friends gatherings, all kinds of events and moments to share with the loved ones. Does it happen to you that every memory has a soundtrack to it? We have prepared a list … More Your May Playlist


Beautiful Amsterdam is like Venice of the Northern Europe! It is a very lively city, very vibrant and international. Definitely a must go, if you are travelling across Europe. You won’t get bored there at all, just take a bike, which is probably the best way to get around the city and go see what … More Amsterdam


People love Spain for it’s warm weather, delicious food, relaxed atmosphere, but the majority is going to places on the coast. What about Madrid? Today we are going to tell you a bit more about Madrid, the heart of the country. Madrid is more elegant, the streets are bigger and expansive. It is also well … More Madrid


World is full of places to explore and full of beautiful cities that are worth talking about. Vienna – the capital of Austria. Today we will get the insights of the city and give you some tips, if you are planning to visit that wonderful city. Vienna has it’s own charm, because once you arrive … More Vienna


Autumn is slowly passing by and we start lacking those sunny days. Even though for many of us autumn is not the most exciting season, there are plenty of things you could do to spice it up! Have you ever thought of taking a long weekend and going somewhere to chase the sun? We are … More Malta