Über Ibiza

Tremendous amount of fun.

It could be it, but Tape Me will tell you more about “how to survive”.

Imagine, it is summer and you are taking holidays that you were waiting for so long. Short flight from anywhere in Europe and you are there, on an island in the Balearic Sea. Ibiza is very small, but you find more parties than people per square meter. Billboards with the names of famous Dj’s will grab your attention already on your way to the hotel. 

As soon as you step on the land of sinners, get ready to rave in. Ibiza is a very happy place, because you wake up to the beautiful view of turquoise sea, probably drunk already enjoying the music coming from the neighbour club. 

One of the best places to stay in is Ushuaia Ibiza , because it is 1 minute away from the beach and you can just come downstairs in the bathrobe and start dancing with the crowd  of people that came there before you. What? – Yes, parties happen in Ushuaia all day long. Does not matter if it is a night or day, Ushuaia is always full of people that are ready to bring the groove in. The hotel itself is very glamorous and big, rooms are very modern and cozy, so you will enjoy it 100 %. 

Not far from Ushuaia there is a Space club, a place where you will find such Dj’s as Carl Cox and Luciano on special sessions. The acoustic system is great and if you are a fan of house and trance music, it is a place for you to go.

Another place for day parties and champagne lovers is Nikki Beach Ibiza. Nikki Beach network is pretty awesome in general, but the one in Ibiza is something special. Except the good food and as always luxurious atmosphere, parties there are extremely fun. Don’t let the pessimistic thoughts bother you, because even if you feel like you will not last long drinking under the sun, you can just take a nap on the beach in the shade still being at the party.

Amnesia Ibiza is one of those clubs you have to try, if you really want to feel the beat. The stereo system in Amnesia is so strong, that you will feel the music in your veins, no joke. It might be a little too much for those who are not used to such an action, but if you are there, give it a chance. Laser show, good Dj set and mad people, yes that’s what you find.

Being in Ibiza and not going to Privilege is like going to Milan without visiting Duomo. Privilege is one of the biggest clubs on Earth, and if you like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, you have to see it. 

Enough of clubbing and alcohol, you also have to eat and rest. Food is an easy thing to find on this island. There are bars and restaurants on every corner with the menu’s in English, Spanish, German , French and all the other languages. The variety of food is not that big, but you can always have an English breakfast or Italian dinner, but in the same time you can enjoy Spanish style and have some tapas or paella.

The sea in Ibiza is just wonderful. It feels like a hug, because the water is really soft and you don’t want to get out, even though you have to get some tan. With this we ask you to be extremely careful , because the sun is very strong that you are turning aubergine, so always have some protection. Another solution not to get burned is to stay under the umbrella passing the hangover.

If you are young and strong, you can also enjoy such things as jet ski, boat cruise to Formentera, quad trip around the island and other extreme sports. It is a lot of fun and not as expensive as you think it is. Take the maximum out of your vacay!

It does not matter, if it is a week or 3 days, you have to put all in and enjoy it. The excitement, tiredness, horrible hangover and extreme happiness that what Ibiza makes you feel, but first time there will be unforgettable and totally worth it. Recommended age to go is between 21 and 27, because later it might be too hard to handle.

Yes, we know there is the other side of the island with nice family hotels and escape places, but that is not what you are looking for. Menorca will be the place in this case.

Get ready for crazy parties and a mental break down alone after, because it will take you days to get back on track and understand life is not a fairytale and Ibiza is just an imaginary world, where problems do not exist! 



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