Moscow never sleeps and it is so true!

TapeMe team chose another destination for the Easter break and so we ended up in Moscow, the heart of Russia.

No, we did not find bears on the street and nobody is drinking vodka 24/7. What we found is an enormously big city, where you get lost in the space and the beauty of all the streets. It is a contrast that you never find somewhere in Europe, where the richest people blend in the mass, because everyone is sharing the same big city life. Moscow bewitches you from the very first minute, because the amount of things you could do to entertain yourself is just insane. Whether you want to go have lunch, dinner or afteranightout snack, everything is open and the people are ready to welcome you no matter the time and the day. Shops don’t close until 22:00 and it is just surprising! 

What is even more surprising is the amount of culture the city carries. Starting with the very famous Red Square you will have a long way to learn and visit all the treasures, because a life probably won’t be enough. Tretyakov Gallery is a must visit to see the collection of the most famous artists of pasе centuries, Red Square and Lenin’s Mausoleum, Kremlin, the famous Arbat street and many many many other beautiful things, where the history сomes on the heels of modernity.

Apart of the city life, that is just burning you out, because the space, the amount of people and activities, the night life is going to do the same. It is absolutely great and ready to offer you a variety of famous DJ’s hiding in the central clubs, foreign icons that come to visit and perform all the time and an incredible service. For example, we managed to pop in Gipsy club and find Robin Schulz there and the night before in Artel Bessonicca there was Jan Blomqvist, just casually playing a set in a very average place. Also, you can actually eat in a club, just like in a restaurant. That’s how surprising it is!

Those, who have never been to Russia, should definitely visit the country and Moscow especially, to get an idea how it actually is before making any assumptions. This is a different world and this world is beautiful and full of things to offer you to keep you happy and entertained!

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