Fashion week picks

Fashion week picks fall/winter 16/17

Innovative, old school, indulged with some straight cuts. These were the key

aspects of the fashion week.

Chloé- still keeping up with their “Must have” stamp, Chloé stood out with their

oversized capes as well as the bohemian frills. These are some perfect picks for

the fall of 2016.

Isabel Marant: Marant swears in the name of the 80 th century. They had used

plenty of patent leather in their collection and it was quite interesting to see the

belts on the models waistline, very 80’s.

Burberry Prosrum. Burberry does no longer only represent the classic trench

coat and boring square scarf. Today’s Burberry girl has attitude; Burberry is

more and more focused on the materials as well as breaking the rules. Way to go

with the Patchwork bag! A total must have from the collection.

Céline: Celine had some unusual picks for their F/W 2K16 collection. A waist bag

is something very uncommon to be seen on anyone these days, but according to

Céline, it is a must have of the season. Apart from this, we absolutely do love the

combination of the thick letter bottom and thin, delicate silk on top.


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