Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg

You have just arrived to the Venice of the North, a.k.a. Saint- Petersburg, a beautiful city with plenty of sightseeing to do.


Russia has a history of being a powerful Eastern nation; this can’t go un-noticed as you enter Hermitage. The amount of gold and diamonds will blow you away within seconds. Anything in Europe is absolutely miserable compared to this countries treasure. Hermitage holds the largest collection of paintings in the world, everything from Egyptian antiques to Italian renaissance as well jewelry and decorative art.


You cannot visit Saint-Petersburg without going to Hermitage; it’s like going to New York for the first time, without going to the Empire State building. 

Keep in mind that Hermitage has expositions in more than 350 rooms, so it is about 22 km. walking to see all of the treasures. Among them you will find works of Francisco Goya, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Diego Velazquez and many other famous artist. It is totally a place to visit at least once in your life to get impressed by the size of the museum and the amount of the world’s famous collections of ancient and modern art.


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