Goodman in London

Today Tape me is going to tell you how to eat a steak as a good man in London!

Many people on the planet are meat lovers, especially guys, especially in England!

If you happened to be in England, do not hesitate to go to the Goodman Restaurant to have a proper dinner with steak and good red wine. 

“Meat ageing on site, six tonnes of it. Meat plates cut every day, and on request. Meat from the UK, Nebraska, Italy and beyond. Wine sourced from 30 different suppliers. We make life difficult for ourselves, to make sure we bring the best to you.”  ( mentioned on Goodman )

Enough said in those words above what this place is like. Book your table directly through the restaurant to make sure you have a spot. There are 3 restaurants in town: Goodman Mayfair, Goodman City and Goodman Canary Wharf.

Choose any of those depending on where you are and don’t worry about the standards. All the three restaurants are very cozy in classic brown shades. You might get very surprised on a Friday, because a place gets full and very noisy, which might lead to a little rush of waiters and lower quality of service, however they will still try their best to attend. The staff is very friendly and helpful, so in case you are not a meat expert, they will help you choose a plate. 

Don’t forger about the wine to the table, because you will definitely find some sort you haven’t tried before. The wine list is very extensive, so you will get lost in between the lines choosing your perfect wine match.

To sum up the experience, we give it 5 out ot 5 for the quality, ambiance, style and character!

Stay hungry with TapeMe!


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