Délicieuse Musique

                                                           Vanilla music.

From the SoundYouNeed to Délicieuse Musique, we have watched the music industry change and YouTube variety of channels grow. 

Many times we feel tired of the commercial music, many of us work, travel, study or doing other activities that require attention, but who restricted us from enjoying doing them?

Life is always better with the music, especially if it is a good selection. Now is summer and from every roof top bar, hotel lobby, beach club you can hear those soul beats coming out and you have no idea who is mixing those?

TapeMe is introducing you to the world of fine relaxing music you will enjoy. Délicieuse Musique is an electronic music blog concentrated on easy listenning. There is no focus on particular genre, so you can find old school songs in the modern editing and new talented artist the guys from Délicieuse Records select to work with. Their initial goal was to offer a wide music library and bring in a new music flow, which they did quite well. Currently they have 6 main genres : House, Hip Hop, Pop, Disco, Lounge and Deep. To be fair, you will not struggle finding your tune, because the library is very big indeed. They also have an application for the mobile phone, YouTube channel, Spotify and sell their songs through Itunes. 

Except the good music mastering skills, you can also see how passionate they are about what they are doing in the Blog section on their web-site. You can find interviews with famous musicians and check how they became successful dedicating their life to the audience and musical notation.

Happy Vibes from Délicieuse Musique and Happy Friday from TapeMe.


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